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AvenueWest Northern Colorado Marks One-Year in Business at Fort Collins Chamber Event

Pictured in front is the AvenueWest Northern Colorado team holding he ribbon. From left: Debbie Norwood, Deb Salek, Todd Salek, Lyndsy Doyle and Mariah Crook. The Fort Collins Chamber Red Carpet Committee welcomes newer members and gives them the opportunity to showcase their business to other local business owners and leaders.

Pictured in front is the AvenueWest Northern Colorado team holding the ribbon. From left: Debbie Norwood, Deb Salek, Todd Salek, Lyndsy Doyle and Mariah Crook. The Fort Collins Chamber Red Carpet Committee welcomes newer members and gives them the opportunity to showcase their business to other local business owners and leaders.

On December 18, 2014, AvenueWest Northern Colorado hosted a Fort Collins Chamber Red Carpet reception to celebrate their one-year anniversary in business serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor and other Northern Colorado communities.

During their first year, AvenueWest Northern Colorado experienced significant growth in properties managed, regular business clients, staff and office space, as they saw their vision of providing high quality corporate and transitional rentals to this area come to fruition.

“It’s been an exciting ride. There’s growth in this market for sure,” said Todd Salek, COO, Head of Business Development, and Co-Owner.

“We took a leap of faith in opening the business and have had a tremendous response. It’s been very validating,” said Deb Salek, CEO, Broker, and Co-Owner. “We’ve been more successful than what we thought we would. We exceeded the business plan goals by the third quarter.”

Not only is AvenueWest Northern Colorado providing a needed service and product to area businesses, but they are also offering an option to families in transition. Both Deb and Todd noted that helping these families has been very gratifying.

“We work with all walks of life and people in different situations. To be able to provide them a landing pad for relocation is really fulfilling. To walk into a property and see kids’ toys everywhere is great because we helped make that family’s transition easier,” said Todd.

Deb added, “There are a lot of people in transition and it’s hard for them to function without a home base. We help make it easier for them.”

Because of the success they experienced in their first year, Todd and Deb were able to bring on three additional staff members, all of whom share their vision of providing high quality corporate housing and unparalleled customer service.

As the Guest Experience Manager, Mariah Crook has enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with clients as well as crews that assist in cleaning and preparing the properties for clients.

“Maintaining our high quality product is so important for our clients’ experiences,” said Crook. “We have a good team and everyone is willing to pitch in for the benefit of our guests.”

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Deb and Todd. They have a real drive for success and make sure that each guest is really taken care of. It’s exciting to be involved in something that is new and headed for success,” said Lyndsy Doyle, Property Coordinator, who started with AvenueWest in September.

“Deb and Todd and the whole staff are wonderful and service oriented. We have a great product and high standards. I see (AvenueWest) growing in the future.” Said Debbie Norwood, PT Bookkeeper, who started with AvenueWest in December.

Among Deb and Todd’s goals for 2015 are having more managed properties in their inventory and continuing to build relationships with Northern Colorado businesses.

Deb added, “We expect (2015) to be a phenomenal year.”


AvenueWest Northern Colorado Franchise Success Story

Northern Colorado Franchisee Experiences Positive Cash-Flow in Six Months; Meets High Demand for Furnished Housing in Ft. Collins and Surrounding Cities

 As a long time residential real estate agent, Deb Salek knows all too well the hard work and long hours it takes to run a business. She worked every day, including weekends, helping her clients buy and sell homes. Her husband, Todd, too, knew the virtues of hard work. He spent 13 successful years in the sales industry.

Although at the surface Deb and Todd were successful, both say they felt they had more to give and were seeking new opportunities in their careers. They desired to own a business that could support their family, give them a stable lifestyle, and thrive long after they’ve retired.

 “As a real estate agent, I only earned income when I worked,” says Deb. “When looking for a new business venture, I wanted something that would have longevity, and one that offered a repeatable and sustainable revenue stream.”

Committed to finding a new career path, Deb discovered the possibilities of becoming a franchisee of AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing (“AvenueWest”) after reading about AvenueWest’s CEO, Kimberly Smith, in a magazine, and later meeting her at a networking event.

 “AvenueWest sounded too good to be true! It offered all the things I desired in a career, including the opportunity to own my own business, build something I could eventually pass on or sell, and allow me to work more traditional hours so I could spend more time at home with my children,” says Deb. “Plus, AvenueWest fit nicely into my repertoire, enabling me to still pull upon my years of real estate experience, yet explore a new avenue within my niche.”

On November 1, 2013, the Saleks officially opened an AvenueWest franchise in Northern Colorado (4025 Automation Way #F2, Fort Collins, CO 80525).

 Getting Started

 Deb says that she likes how she didn’t have to “recreate the wheel,” as AvenueWest provides a clear path to business ownership without all the hassles that come with a startup. She says she also likes that the brand has already built trust, recognition, and a track record of success in the corporate housing industry.

Even though AvenueWest offered a path to success, Deb and Todd say they knew it would take hard work and time to grow it into a thriving, sustainable business.

 “Almost immediately upon opening our doors, AvenueWest began sending us housing requests, yet we had no inventory to fulfill those requests,” says Deb. “That’s when we knew we had to get resourceful if we were going to succeed.”

To meet the “pent up demand” for short-term, furnished housing in Northern Colorado, Deb and Todd leased several local apartments and furnished them. Little did the Saleks know that the apartment buildings would soon become their top source for new client leads!

Another source of client leads came from insurance companies. Deb says that corporate housing can help people who have been displaced from their homes.

For example, when lightning struck the home of a Berthoud, CO family, an insurance company approached AvenueWest in Ft. Collins, asking them to find a short-term, furnished rental for their client.

Because of the housing shortage plaguing Northern Colorado, Deb says she knew finding this family temporary living quarters wouldn’t be easy.

 “We didn’t have any properties under management that met this family’s specific size and location needs,” says Deb. “Rather than turning the insurance company away, we got resourceful. We contacted a builder in Loveland about leasing one of his new apartment suites so we could furnish it and use it as a short-term rental for the Berthoud family. He agreed. We were able to help this family during a time of crisis and that felt great!”

 Success At Last!

By the end of their first six months as AvenueWest franchisees, Deb and Todd say they have become cash flow positive and currently have more than 50 properties in inventory.

 “We are very proud of how fast and confidently Deb and Todd have grown the AvenueWest brand in Northern Colorado. They have become one of our most successful franchisees in only one year. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this dynamic duo, and to proudly serve the corporate housing needs throughout Northern Colorado,” says Smith.

Looking Ahead

AvenueWest has become a full time career for both Deb and Todd (both left their day jobs), and they both agree that their earning potential far exceeds their previous career paths.

While 2014 was a fast-growth year for AvenueWest Northern Colorado, Deb says she knows she still has a lot of work to do. She says she would like to reach an exciting milestone of 100 properties in inventory within the next two years.

 “Northern Colorado is an in-demand region for both residents and businesses. We can only hope we are in a position to help all the clients that come our way in search of furnished, temporary housing,” says Deb.

About AvenueWest Northern Colorado

 Since 1999 AvenueWest has been providing award winning service and exclusive furnished corporate housing properties.  The company is focused on hands-on customer service and high quality rentals to meet the housing needs of both the experienced business traveler and also the discerning traveler on a budget. Fort Collins is a rapidly growing city with an award winning quality of life.  AvenueWest Northern Colorado strives to connect clients with the short-term, furnished housing they need in Old Town, Southeast Fort Collins, North Fort Collins, Midtown, Water Valley, Centerra, Loveland, Windsor, and Greeley.